Lisa Coronado

Lisa Coronado

Lisa Coronado is a former DeKalb County math teacher who has previously testified to the value of requiring recess in elementary school, legislation approved by the state Legislature late in the 2022 session. Inspired by her daughter's commitment to climate activism, Lisa has recently focused on climate action including participating in the City of Decatur's community process to help develop a climate action plan. She's one of the founders of Decatur Cares About Climate, a grassroots organization encouraging community members to participate in climate action.


Climate scientists are screaming, will the Public Service Commission listen?

By: - April 5, 2022

In her middle school graduation paper, my daughter declared that she had learned enough about climate change and that it was time for her to act. She has since spent hundreds of hours working to convince leaders to listen to the international scientific consensus and take the rapid, transformative action necessary to avoid climate catastrophe. […]