Ray Glier

Ray Glier

Ray Glier is a freelance Journalist in Atlanta. He has covered local and national sports for 45 years for The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and many others.

Sleepy Coffee County wakes to national spotlight with 2021 voting machine breach videos

By: - September 21, 2022

This post was updated Sept. 21, at 9:40 a.m. to correct the dates of two events.  DOUGLAS – Sitting at a back table at Ole Times restaurant, Larry Nesmith was putting a cold drink to his lips when his phone jangled. It was his wife calling. They live out near the high school and kids […]

Baseball’s minor leaguers among Georgians swept up in organized labor wave

By: - September 5, 2022

The rise in union organizing around the U.S. because of a tight labor market has swept up in its wave the most egregious employer in all of American sports, minor league baseball. On the eve of Labor Day, minor leaguers—there are about 3,500 of them—are signing union authorization cards signaling their support for organizing around […]

The power of ‘No’: Trespass warnings on Georgia rivers roil the waters

By: - July 25, 2022

This post was updated 5:15 p.m. August 16 to correct property owner information along the Flint River. The Chestatee River is there somewhere. It shows on the map winding through the hills just south of Dahlonega in north Georgia. “Chestatee” is on road signs along US 19. But the river is hard to see from […]

‘It’s not a religious service’: Are prayers after football games harmless?

By: - July 4, 2022

The headlines blared and the news was treated as a thunderbolt, something cataclysmic. A ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court backed a Washington state high school football coach who had been fired for participating in a prayer with his team on the field at a public school. The Supreme Court’s conservative wing ruled the coach […]

The Okefenokee

Will confirmation of suspected tribal burial grounds end Okefenokee mine for good?

By: - June 15, 2022

It was not just another government memorandum, one of hundreds to be shuffled off into the vast bureaucracy, to be acted on, or cast into a digital dustbin, to be forgotten. This memo was epic. This memo was rare assurance of equal treatment for Indigenous people in Georgia.  The Jan. 26, 2021, memo from the […]

Pandemic-fueled Apple union movement unlikely to spur a trend in right-to-work Georgia

By: - May 11, 2022

Inside the Apple store at Cumberland Mall, business is brisk on a Thursday afternoon. There is not a whiff of discontent among the retail workers judging by the demeanor of the staff. Before you can walk from the front of the store to the back of the store, three cheerful Apple workers want to know […]

Would Georgia horse racing put state on track for riches or road to ruin?

By: - March 10, 2022

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – The Sunday choir sings a familiar refrain about horse racing and pari-mutuel betting and the evil it will bring to Georgia. Gambling and betting on racing will bring more pathological gambling addiction and threaten families. The opponents of horse racing and pari-mutuel betting, which include the Georgia Baptist Convention and its […]

State GOP lawmakers’ debate over transgender school sports ban more red-meat than reasoned

By: - February 24, 2022

Jen Slipakoff said the Legislature simply does not want to deal with the details of their own anti-transgender bill. If they explored a medical remedy, like puberty blockers, they might rethink their reasoning for trying to ban transgender children, like Slipakoff’s daughter, from school sports in the state.  But kicking transgender kids off teams is […]

Powerful state lawmaker aims to upend high school sports group to stop their ‘evilness’

By: - February 14, 2022

For a one-stoplight city, Chickamauga is having an outsized influence on the politics of high school athletics in Georgia. It is easy to explain, of course, because state Sen. Jeff Mullis, a powerful Republican from Chickamauga, is enraged at the Georgia High School Association, the governing body of high school athletics. Less than a month […]