In acquittal victory speech, Trump predicts Loeffler-Collins friendship

    About the time U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler argued against the impeachment of President Donald Trump in early February, she and her husband sold off as much as $3.1 million in stocks after she participated in a private briefing for senators on the COVID-19 outbreak. This week the Wall Street Journal reported that the Department of Justice is no longer investigating her stock transactions.

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump took a victory lap on Thursday, the day after the U.S. Senate voted to acquit him on articles of impeachment.

    After slamming Democrats for engaging in an unfair partisan “witch hunt” against him, Trump welcomed what he called “total acquittal” and singled out his friends in Congress who had his back along the way.

    That included two Georgia Republicans who are facing off in a race to replace former GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

    Trump first lauded Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who was appointed to fill Isakson’s seat in the meantime. Loeffler voted to acquit Trump on both impeachment articles on Wednesday.

    “A young woman who I didn’t know at all but she’s been so supportive, and I’ve had great support from other people in that state,” Trump said of Loeffler, who attended the speech at the White House.

    “She’s been downright nasty and mean about the unfairness to the president and Kelly Loeffler I appreciate very much, thank you.”

    Later, Trump also praised Rep. Doug Collins, who was one of Trump’s chief defenders throughout the impeachment proceedings from his perch as the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.

    Trump called Collins, who was seated in the second row of the packed White House room, “a man who has been an unbelievable friend of mine and spokesman and somebody that I really like.”

    The president said to Loeffler, “I know Kelly, you’re going to end up liking him a lot. Something’s gonna happen that’s going to be very good, I don’t know. I haven’t figured it out yet.”


    Robin Bravender
    Robin Bravender is the D.C. Bureau Chief for States Newsroom, a network of nonprofit news publications, including the Georgia Recorder. Previously, Robin was a reporter for Politico, E&E News and Thomson Reuters.