Teacher pay raises, school vouchers top k-12 legislative watch list

BY: - December 27, 2019

Georgia’s school and teacher organizations are gearing up for a busy 2020 legislative session with state lawmakers potentially taking up on school vouchers, the Teacher Retirement System, dual enrollment, teacher pay raises and much more. Below is a watch list of big public education policy and funding priorities the Georgia Recorder will track in 2020. […]

Beyond the two-headed calf: Georgia Capitol’s tour gets seriously historical

BY: - November 26, 2019

The students shot their hands in the air and tossed out guesses: “200 years,” said one. “1,000 years,” said another. “3,000 years,” said a third. Facing them on the top floor of Georgia’s Capitol building, Kayla Adams pressed a finger to her mouth like she had a secret. “Actually, we have evidence going back 12,000 […]

Controversial ‘education savings account’ bill likely to return in 2020

BY: - November 18, 2019

Georgia lawmakers could get another bite of the apple next year, as controversial legislation that proposes to steer state money away from public schools for parents to pay for private school tuition is likely to return after stalling early this year. Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan’s Policy Director Mike Dudgeon said Friday that behind-the-scenes maneuvering’s been […]


Sunshine Laws apply to state officials’ open meetings training, too

BY: - October 29, 2019

The Georgia Department of Education board is set to get together Nov. 7, and this time around the public can expect compliance with the state’s Open Meetings Act. That might sound like a low bar to clear for a department with the largest budget of any state agency. Parents, teachers, students — indeed, every Georgia […]

Presidential candidate Warren goes after charter school industry

BY: - October 22, 2019

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is one of the Democratic presidential frontrunners, is going after controversial charters schools that have been blossoming nationwide and enjoy significant legislative support in Georgia — as part of a broad education plan released Monday. The plan titled, A Great Public School Education for Every Student, would end federal funding for […]

Columbia County Schools take unusual step to remove best-selling novel

BY: - October 22, 2019

A Georgia-born author of a 2017 New York Times bestseller says Columbia County Schools are doing students a disservice by removing her book and two others from a supplemental reading list. “Dear Martin” by Nic Stone is one of three novels removed from a list of 17 books proposed by teachers and a selection committee […]

Mental health aid for Georgia school kids might be spared budget ax

BY: - September 18, 2019

A north Georgia school superintendent lamented at an August gathering of lawmakers in Jasper that some of his 3,600 students often arrive for classes with mental health needs that outstrip the capacity of the part-time counselor’s ability to help. “It’s a struggle,” Dawson County Superintendent Damon Gibbs said by phone recently. “It’s not something that’s […]

University system’s rural programs on Board of Regents cut list today

BY: - September 10, 2019

Agricultural, medical and library programs run by Georgia’s state-funded universities are poised for budget cuts in response to the statewide belt tightening Gov. Brian Kemp ordered last month. In all, the University System of Georgia plans to shave around $11 million off its roughly $2.6 billion budget through next June, and another $16.5 million the […]

State education board considers modest cuts at Wednesday meeting

BY: - August 22, 2019

Members of Georgia’s Board of Education Wednesday mulled the governor’s recent order to cut fat in spending plans for this year and next. The department oversees public school funding and has a $10.6 billion budget, or more than a third of all state spending. Still, much of that is non-discretionary and Gov. Brian Kemp says […]

Grant to Georgia College nursing program a remedy for rural health ills

BY: - August 12, 2019

A newborn might be in one room, a great grandmother in the next and an injured farmer in still another room. For Dr. Sallie Coke, this would just be any other day at the small-town clinic where she works in rural Lamar County, which is home to 18,000 people in middle Georgia. “It’s wonderful. You […]


School achievement measures miss mark on student performance

BY: - August 9, 2019

As Georgia school districts kicked off the new school year this month, educators, parents and stakeholders are rejoicing over the recently-released Milestones scores. A press release from the Georgia Department of Education announced the results with a celebratory tone: “Students record strongest-ever overall gains on Georgia Milestones assessments.” Test improvements are worth celebrating, but unfortunately […]

Teachers get only part of promised raises this school year

BY: - August 6, 2019

By the end of this week, the vast majority of Georgia’s schoolchildren will be back in the classroom and their teachers will have more reason to look forward to payday than when they took a break for the summer. Teachers are quick to say they don’t get into the profession to get rich, but they […]