Bookman: Ralston’s Fulton elections letter a cynical way to stir mistrust

BY: - July 22, 2021

It takes a special kind of cynicism to piously bemoan declining faith in American elections while you actively feed and nurture that very same, destructive mistrust. It’s particularly special when you create that mistrust out of fantasies and lies, with absolutely no basis in fact. We got yet another example of that hypocrisy last week, […]

The Georgia Recorder gets a makeover

BY: - July 21, 2021

Welcome to the revamped Georgia Recorder website. After nearly a year of planning and designing, today we unveil the new-look Georgia Recorder. Our aim is to enhance your experience on the site, and the redesigned Georgia Recorder is more functional and accessible. The site overall has a cleaner look. The flow of news on the […]

You can’t fake local news

BY: - July 19, 2021

The other Big Lie is “Fake News.” The same people who perpetrate the Big Lie about the election also promote the concept of fake news, and they perpetuate it with their own fake news. They’re just the latest in a long line of truth-deniers. In the 1930s Gov. Eugene Talmadge, made uncomfortable by questions he […]

Delta variant Q&A

BY: - July 8, 2021

As the delta variant takes hold, the unvaccinated are in for a rude awakening. It’s not just ignorance — they’re begging for a Darwin Award. Unfortunately, thanks to all these unvaccinated knuckleheads, vaccinated Americans are now being put more at risk, too. The delta variant is a mutant strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Early estimates suggest the […]

Bookman: Blame murder surge on pandemic-related rage and gun sales

BY: - July 8, 2021

The rising number of murders in the Atlanta metro region, some of them apparently random, has truly been alarming, and it’s important to try to grasp what its causes might be. If the phenomenon was local, then you might suspect that the causes and solutions are local as well. But it’s not. It’s occurring all […]

Electrifying school buses will benefit local economy and children’s health

BY: and - July 5, 2021

After a school year like no other, Georgia’s students are well into their summer vacations. The diesel school buses that carry nearly half of America’s students sit idle, giving children and communities a break from breathing the unhealthy air pollution these buses spread. There’s substantial evidence that breathing diesel fumes puts children and their still-developing […]

Bookman: Trump quits court battle but recklessly urges followers to fight

BY: - June 24, 2021

This week, Donald Trump was finally forced to admit the truth: He lost Georgia fair and square, the multiple lawsuits that he and the Georgia GOP filed to try to throw out the state’s 5 million presidential votes had been based on lies and fantasies, and the entire argument they tried to make had zero […]

Bookman: Hysteria over ‘critical race theory’ is to deny bigotry still with us

BY: - June 10, 2021

Prodded by Gov. Brian Kemp, the state Board of Education last week waded into the controversy over “critical race theory,” or more accurately, into a cartoon version of the theory that has been ginned up by Fox News and the conservative entertainment industry to keep its viewers in a state of racial panic. “The United […]

Should we trust Twin Pines or GRP?

BY: - June 2, 2021

This post was updated 4:30 p.m. June 3 to clarify that Twin Pines and Georgia Renewable Power are owned by the same holding company, Green Fuels Energy. If you have never perched in a canoe and dipped your paddle into the Okefenokee Swamp’s blackwater, you’ve missed an unforgettable adventure. And if you’ve never lived close […]

Memorial Day memories: courage of war correspondents allowed tales of soldier sacrifice to be told

BY: - May 31, 2021

I never fought in the Vietnam War. I joined United Press International, a worldwide wire service, in 1975 at the end of that conflict. My heroes were UPI war correspondents — Leon Daniel, Kate Webb and Joseph L. Galloway. Daniel was a friend. He died in 2006. Webb was a role model and later, mentor. […]

Bookman: Making Hice state election chief like handing safe keys to robber

BY: - May 27, 2021

Jody Hice poses a test of character and patriotism for Georgia Republicans. It’s a test that many of those voters proudly insist they will fail. At the moment, Hice remains a congressman, representing the state’s 10th Congressional District. In that role, he has been a prominent, vocal champion of the Big Lie about the 2020 […]

Broadband internet expansion no silver bullet for rural Georgia

BY: - May 20, 2021

Four years ago, I spoke to the opening day session of the House Rural Development Council about my research into the alarming decline of rural Georgia. Once I finished my presentation, the first question I got was about a subject I hadn’t even mentioned: rural broadband. Since that meeting, it’s become clear that the deployment […]