Joyce Barlow lost her bid to unseat a longtime south Georgia state representative two years ago, but she says she never really ended her campaign. After the last votes were counted and the Democratic challenger had come up about 1,400 votes short, about 7 percentage points separated her and the...

The nation faces a historic election Nov. 3 in the throes of a pandemic that has claimed more than 200,000 U.S. lives, widespread protests against racism and unprecedented economic devastation. It follows years of voting law changes and challenges as well as a misinformation campaign to undermine confidence in the election. States Newsroom’s collective of independent news outlets collaborated to present a sweeping picture of voter access and barriers to the ballot. We invite you to read our five-day series from across the network, publishing Oct. 5-9.

More election coverage

Oct. 5: Deadline to register

Oct. 12-30: Early voting

Oct. 30: Deadline to request absentee ballot

Nov. 3: Election day

See what’s on your ballot, check your voter registration, and locate your polling place at, provided by the League of Women Voters Education Fund.

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